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Meet Adrian Rashad Driscoll

“Social Alchemist, VR Nerd, Executive Troublemaker``

“Just one of the many creative minds of Driscoll Entertainment” 

From the small city of Barstow CA, (yeah, the pit stop on the way to Vegas) ADRIAN RASHAD DRISCOLL followed his dream of becoming a professional actor and moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after that he was woken up. After 6 years of great weather and bad traffic, he now makes his living as a filmmaker and VR consultant. He has had the privilege of working with large studios and amazing companies to produce great VR titles and experiences. In addition, Adrian works with the EAST school program on multiple VR projects that are more geared towards education and medical research. His goal is to focus on the deeper side of VR and MR and to destroy the stigma of “VR being just for gamers.” French Fries are the key to his heart.

Interesting details from my career


Adrian began his acting career at the tender age of 6; he was given a one-liner in a church play. From grade school to college he went on to star in several leading roles in numerous productions. He moved to Los Angeles Ca in 2011 for his film career and joined SAG-AFTRA in 2012.


Although writing was never Adrian’s intention, he began creating short stories at 8 years old. He would write synopsis’ of popular television shows and act out the scene for his Mother and Grandparents. Since then, Adrian has written a multitude of television & movie scripts, published a romance novel (I Told You So) and is currently in the process of writing a self-help book titled “Breaking in Without Breaking Down.”

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